Students that will be in Upper School next year will be seeing presentations with Mr. Tiffany, Mrs. Von Bank and Mrs. McMullin, regarding requesting courses for next year. 9th graders saw the presentation Tuesday, February 8th. Current 11th graders saw the presentation Thursday, and 10th graders will see their presentation on Tuesday Feb 15.
The presentation can also be viewed here.
The day before each info session, a course audit and request plan is sent via email to both student and parents, so you and your student can look over the options and decide in advance which classes your student will take next year. Students will select their courses at the end of February, through the first couple weeks of March during different white periods. Juniors – Feb 24, Sophomores – March 1st, Freshman – March 8th, and 8th Grade – March 9th.
Academic advising about course selection is available with Mrs. Von Bank. E-mail Mrs. Von Bank if you have questions about the process or desire to set up an academic advising session. The Academic Program Guide will be sent in the middle of February, before students register.

Our US Registration Team is made of of the following people. All, except Mrs. Semsch, are located in the College Center:

If you have any questions, please begin with Mrs. McMullin.

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