Providence Academy Uniforms

The Providence Academy Uniform Dress Code

The Providence Uniform Dress Code encourages a community spirit at Providence Academy and enhances school pride. It provides a means of focusing on the student as a unique individual while diminishing the importance of external factors.

At Providence, it is mandatory for students in Pre-K through 12th grade to wear a uniform, however the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools each have their own uniform styles.

Purchasing Providence Academy Uniforms

A uniform sale is held at Providence before the start of the school year in order to make uniform buying more convenient for families, and used uniforms are most often available. Additionally, the local retailers listed below are approved vendors for Providence uniforms:

Please consult the most recent Uniform Guide, or call (763) 258-2502 with any questions you may have about the Providence uniform policy or purchasing uniforms.

Physical Education Uniforms

All students in 4th – 12th grade taking a physical education class are required to wear a physical education uniform. The button below will direct you to our secure Google Form where you can make your phyciasl education uniform purchase.  

Please note that uniform purchases will be charged to your student(s) Providence account and are available for pick up at the Providence uniform sale.

Masks and Face Coverings

For the 2020-2021 school year, Kindergarten – 12th grade students will be required to wear a face covering.  Information related to the Uniform Code is located below, however, please see the Welcoming Students Back to Campus FAQs for additional information.


  • Masks should be a solid color:  navy, gold, gray, white, black, or “surgical” masks (blue/white). 
  • Also permitted are PA black-watch plaid masks or PA spirit masks available in the school store.
  • No messaging, images, or patterns (other than black-watch plaid or spirit masks) of any kind will be allowed on masks.
  • Providence suggests sending an extra mask to school in case it would need to be changed during the day.

The Providence Uniform

The gallery below contains some basic pieces of the Providence Academy uniform.