The Providence String program is provided for all students second grade through twelve.

The Lower School Program

Made up of 2nd-5th grade students meets after school and is a tuition based offering. Students are classed by ability and move up through the different levels until Middle School.

The Middle School Orchestra

(6th through 8th grade) meets four times a week like all academic classes and is one of the graded electives open to all middle school students.

The Upper School Orchestra

(9th through 12th grade) also meets four days a week and is an academic elective for all upper school students.

A student may enter the program as a beginner at any age with the permission of the director. Students who have experience in other programs or private teachers are welcome to sign up during regular registration.

All string programs which feature all groups performing alone and together, occur three times a year along with some other performing opportunities such as weekend trips, field trips, etc. when appropriate. The Upper School strings compete at the State level each year as part of the Minnesota High School League. The Upper School strings have received a superior rating in each of its four performances.