Lower School Arts

Providence Academy believes that the study of Music and Art are essential to a high quality college preparatory education.  In addition to developing talents and skills, the study of Fine Arts has been found to enrich students’ progress in other academic areas.  With this in mind, all Lower School students receive specialist instruction in the Visual and Performing Arts.  Lower School Music and Art studies also support and complement classroom studies in several content areas, especially History and Geography.


Lower School students are introduced to basic music theory, learn to play simple instruments, and have choral experiences.  Each year, genres from jazz to classical are introduced and studied and students learn to identify and appreciate the works of renowned composers. All students perform in fully staged grade level concerts twice per year, at Christmas time and in the spring.   In addition, options are available in Band and String instruments, and in Lower School Choir, as noted in the following descriptions.


Band instrument instruction is available to fifth grade students and continues into the Middle and Upper Schools.  The fifth grade Cadet Band meets once per week during the school day and performs twice yearly (Christmas and spring).  Band students attend a weekly individual lesson with a band instructor.

String Instruments (String Orchestra)

String instrument instruction and string orchestra ensemble experiences from beginner through higher levels are available to Lower School students beginning in grade 2. An additional fee is charged for students in grades 2 – 4. There is no fee for participation in grade 5.

Visual Art

Art classes for all students in the Lower School take place weekly in one of our well-equipped art classrooms.  Students are instructed in drawing, painting, clay work, and other methods and media.  They are encouraged to create works of beauty and individuality.  The works of great artists, known and unknown, from many parts of the world, both ancient and modern are introduced and studied.

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