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June Lunch Menu

Providence utilizes EZ School App for lunch purchases. The system can be accessed by clicking the logo above. Frequently asked questions are answered below. If you need further assistance, please contact Mrs. Beth Trombley by email at or calling 763.258.2597.

Accessing & Funding an EZ School Apps Lunch Account

EZ School Apps – Parent Instructions

How do I access my student’s EZ Account?

Providence Academy has created an account for you and for your student(s) using your parent email address.  If you haven’t yet done so, you need to set a password for your account:

How to Set Your Password:  

  1. Go to and select Parent Login and click on Forgot Password
  2. When prompted enter your email address and click Send Password
  3. Lastly, check your email for the link to set up your password.

How do I fund my student account? 

One of three ways: Credit Card or ACH or Check. 

How to fund by Credit Card or ACH:

  1.   Log in to your account at select “Parent Login” 
  2.   The first time you’ll set up either a credit card or ACH account. Select the Credit Card/ACH tab for either payment type. If selecting ACH, you may need to attempt multiple times to connect your bank; however some banks do not “participate” with EZ and are unable to connect. EZ accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER.
  3.   Once the Credit Card or ACH is set up: Add money into your student’s account by selecting Meal Payment.

TIP: If you have multiple students: add a lump sum into one student account and then transfer money into the other student’s accounts using the “Transfer Between Students” button.

By Check: You may also pay by check, payable to PA. PLEASE PREPAY LUNCH FOR THE SEMESTER. (Approx $500) No fee charged. You may send a lump sum for all your students and clearly indicate how much $ goes into each student’s lunch account. We request you still set up your EZ Lunch account password so that you can track your student purchases and see their account balance.

Send lunch checks (payable to PA) to Beth Trombley, EZ Lunch, Business Office.

Many more details about our lunch program are found on our website:



EZ Lunch charges a transaction fee based on the amount paid.

For Credit Card payments:

$10 – $60 = $2.50 (fixed)

$70 and higher = 3.75%

For ACH payments:

$10 – $60 = $1.50 (fixed)

$70 and higher = 2.50%

EZ Lunch Account FAQ’s

How EZ is this system?

Each student has a photo ID card with their student ID number in barcode format. This is scanned in the kitchen when they make purchases and charges appear immediately in their EZ lunch account.  Once parents log in and set up a password, they’ll be able to see what their students are purchasing for lunch (and breakfast). 

What if the balance falls below zero … may they still purchase lunch?

YES! We request that you fund your EZ Lunch student account(s) before purchases are made. However, no student will be denied a food purchase if their balance is negative. You will receive “negative balance” emails to remind you to fund their account.


How much might my student spend at the PA Cafe?

Daily lunch is $6.00 for the Main Line/Grill Line/GrabNGo which includes soup and salad bar and up to two small beverages. Lower School students (PK thru 5th grade) may only purchase the main line entree. Middle School and Upper School students may purchase many other options. More details and pricing may be found on the PA Website:


So … how much is a semester’s worth of lunch?

A semester has 84 days so if your student eats a main entree lunch every day ($6.00) then they will spend approximately $500. If they purchase breakfast foods and other lunch items then factor in more. Please see additional menu pricing on our website lunch page.  


What happens to my leftover balance at the end of the school year?

The funds will stay in student accounts and will carry over to the next school year. The funds will be refunded upon your request,  transferred to a sibling or we will refund it if your student is not returning for the next school year.


How can I change my email address? Please send an email to

Email or call me with any questions:

Beth Trombley (763.258.2597)

Thank you from the PA Business Office!

2023-2024 School Food Pricing

Main Line Lunch Entrées are $6.00 for Lower, Middle and Upper School students. Additional Entrée options are available for Middle and Upper School students, which include the Grill Line, Sub Sandwich Line, and Pasta Bar.

All lunch choices include soup and salad/fruit bar, as well as two beverage choices of milk, juice or small water. (Parents pay a beverage fee at the beginning of the school year).

Alternatively, a Salad/Fruit Bar option is available to all students for $5.75. Middle and Upper School Students have the option of purchasing ala carte items.

2023 - 2024 PA Breakfast Prices

Breakfast is served 7:40am-8:15am daily.

  • All Hot Breakfast:  $3.45
    (includes fruit & small drink)
  • Meat only:  $2.30
  • Assorted Bagel/Cream Cheese: $2.10
  • Sweet Rolls:  $2.50
  • Muffin: $2.25
  • Small Juice:  $0.90
  • Small Milk:  $0.90
  • Hot Chocolate:  $2.25
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl:  $1.85
  • Whole Fruit: $0.85
  • Cold Cereal & Milk:  $1.50
  • Yogurt Cup:  $2.30
  • Yogurt Parfait:  $2.35
  • Smoothie:  $3.35
  • Granola Bar:  $1.25
  • Hash Browns/Tri Tator:  $2.35
2023-2024 PA Lunch Prices
  • Main Entree, Grill Line or Grab ‘ Go:  $6:00
    (includes soup & salad bar)
  • Salad Bar Plate:  $5.75
  • Salad Bar Bowl:  $2.75
  • Baked Potato:  $2.50
  • Soup of the Day:  $2.90
  • Homemade Chili:  $2.95
  • Hamburger:  $3:75
  • Cheeseburger:  $3.85
  • Taher Pizza Slice:  $3.30
  • French Fries:  $2.50


  • Large Cookie:  $1.65
  • Rice Krispy Bar:  $2.55
  • Frozen Yogurt:  $2.75
  • Chips:  $1.25
  • All 16/20 oz. Beverages:  $2.85
  • Extra Beverage (Milk, Water, Juice):  $0.90
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