Academics at Providence Academy

At Providence Academy the Lower School and Middle School core knowledge curriculum specifies what content is taught from one year to the next and encourages mastery of skills based on content. The curriculum incorporates United States history, world history and geography, essential elements of math, science, art, music, oral and written expression, classic stories and poems. Phonics and traditional math instruction are among proven teaching methods applied in classrooms. Exposure to foreign languages is offered K-5, with Latin added in 6-7. Small classes ensure effective personalized attention.

Our Upper School’s focused curricular philosophy channels students’ efforts into classes beneficial for college admission. State-of-the-art facilities enable students to pursue electives such as Studio Art, Engineering Lab, Publications, Photography, Family and Consumer Science, Speech and Debate, Theater, Band, Choir and Strings. Sports and other extracurricular activities help students develop skills and talents while providing fun outside the high school classroom.

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