Student Support

Student Support PK-12

At Providence Academy, our student support staff is committed to helping students develop in each of the areas of the school’s motto: faith, knowledge, and virtue.

The student support office provides students with guidance and learning support services from a dedicated staff of teachers, administrators, and learning support specialists who promote an academic environment that is supportive for all students. Our goal is to nurture personal, academic, and spiritual growth, wellness, self-awareness and self-advocacy. The goal is for students to develop their potential to serve as ethical leaders both in school and beyond the community. Our divisional student support personnel include:

  • A Lower School Learning Specialist who works with individuals and small groups of students with reading challenges, as well as with parents in support of their children.
  • Middle and Upper School Learning Specialists who works with individual students with learning differences, as well as with parents in support of their children.
  • Middle and Upper School Counselors who provide students with individual social and emotional counseling (including crisis support), parent consultation and education, as well as academic guidance.

In addition to the services provided by counseling and learning support specialists, we have the following programs in place to enhance student growth:

  • Teachers, administrators, full-time nurse and learning support staff working closely together to monitor student progress and ensure timely interventions as needed
  • Referrals to external health services personnel for students who may benefit from additional testing and services
  • Availability of structured study halls and enhanced academic supports in English, Math, Science, and Language, including student peer-to-peer tutoring, and referrals to outside tutoring programs (available on campus)
  • Spiritual support through campus ministry and NET, with a full-time on site Chaplain
  • Annual addressing of transition needs met for students as they progress from Lower School to Middle School to Upper School
  • College Counseling programming and individual meetings beginning in sophomore year and continuing through senior year for guidance on post-secondary planning and the transition to college and life beyond Providence Academy

Student Support Staff

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