Providence Academy Arts

Providence Academy’s Department of Fine Arts believes that the arts are integral to the formation of a complete person. Therefore, students learn the fundamental skills of each discipline in order to produce artistic creations and gain an understanding and appreciation of the world. The arts add beauty, joy, and life to the student experience.

Studio Art

Studio Art courses emphasize sound drawing techniques as the foundation for creative exploration in any media. Students apply the principles of art to a variety of projects in an environment where tradition enlightens creativity.


Theatre and production courses analyze the history and theory of performance while developing basic skills in design and technical aspects of theatre. Students present their knowledge and skill through various theatrical presentations.


Music courses teach historical, theoretical, and emotional analysis through performances.  Through these modes, students are encouraged to become comprehensive musicians. PA offers choir, strings and band courses.

Performing Arts Center

Completed in the fall of 2017, Providence Academy’s state-of-the-art performing arts center is a three-level, 56,000 square foot facility providing seating for 650 guests and is the first all-LED space in the state. Its features include an auditorium, balconies, and lobby with a mezzanine. Here, students are treated to a world-class experience, both in front of and behind the stage.  Visit the Performing Arts Center’s website

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