Providence Academy Yearbook

Providence Academy students participating in the elective class called, “Publications,” work each year to create our yearbook. Upper School students in the class take photos, write stories and captions, and layout the pages of the book. All grade levels are covered from Pre-K through 12 including clubs, activities, athletics and the arts.

Yearbooks can only be purchased online, through the Walsworth Publishing website. Just fill out your child’s name and grade then purchase the book online.

Make sure you make your purchase early!  The price is $85.00 through the end of November, jumps to $100.00 for December and January, then finally will cost $125.00 if ordered between February and the end of April, when the sales are closed.

Providence Academy Yearbooks are distributed at the end of the school year. Seniors will get their copies first on their last day of school.

Purchase a Yearbook Through Walsworth