This Friday, we are bidding the fondest of farewells to our dear founding chef of 22+ years, Mr. Marshall Morris. He is retiring from Providence. Mr. Morris has been much more than a chef to us.  He is a colleague, friend, consultant, and something of an uncle to every child and youth ever to walk these halls. His meals and his work ethic have been part of setting overall PA standards that are a cut above. 

Every student and alum can recollect their favorites. Southwest or Japanese rice bowls. Orange chicken. Grilled tilapia with mango chutney. Thai curry.  And of course Jamaican jerk chicken and pumpkin soup.  Yes, even “mini tacos” (the term one of my sons, when a small boy, adopted for the name of the large lake a few miles to the south). The list of favorites goes on.  A generation of parents has enjoyed joining their children for lunch; joining children is itself a joy–but where will you dine better?

Memories spill forth. Gala dinners. Senior recognition nights. Alumni Christmas parties. Game-night cookouts. A very special memory is during Covid time. First is the spring 2020 “PA lunch take-out” program, when the governor had closed the schools. In an effort to keep school ties with our families, our kitchen prepared lunches that we all delivered to a line of waiting cars out back. On some days, as many as 450 lunches would be picked up! Families also bought additional lunches to be delivered to charities.  It was wonderful. Then, back in school that fall, Mr. Morris would personally, very early in the morning, go to special suppliers to ensure that PA’s quality lunches would not be interrupted by supply-chain issues.

I have learned that the Parent Association will be reaching out to our families and alumni to solicit your own memories. I’m so grateful for that, and I think Mr. Morris will be too.

Chef Morris is an artist, a kitchen manager, a businessman, and so much more.  Sometimes a cliche fits: Marshall Morris is a legend in his own time. 

Taher, Inc., our food service partner, joins us in our commitment to continue the legacy of his achievements.

Thank you, Chef Morris. God bless you richly.

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