We are seeking nominations for the PAPA Executive Committee! Members serve for two-year terms and our primary purpose is as a service organization to support the PA community.  We will have four positions open and encourage anyone interested in serving on PAPA to nominate themselves or nominate others that they know are interested.  The Executive Committee meets monthly for 1 – 2 hours and each position has an area of focus as described below:

  • Secretary – Records minutes during our monthly meeting and assists with other correspondence as needed. 
  • Treasurer – Prepares yearly budget, receives and disperses funds.  Keeps an accurate record of those receipts and disbursements.  No need to be an accountant – anyone who knows how to balance their checkbook and write a check is qualified.
  • Middle School, Vice President – Represents Grades 6-8 at Executive Committee meetings, meets periodically with Mrs. Claypool, Director of Middle School. 
  • Lower School Pre-K-2, Vice President – Represents Grades Pre-K – 2nd grade at Executive Committee meetings, meets periodically with Mrs. Galgano, Director of Lower School.  Teams up with Sadar Lingam, Grades 3-5 Vice President, to coordinate lower school room parents and other volunteers throughout the year. 

Nominating yourself is simple – please submit nomination here

Please submit your nomination by May 3rd, 2024.  While self-nomination is preferred, nominations of others are accepted. Please feel free to reach out to the existing PAPA Board members with questions.

  • President – Ginger Anzalone 
  • Vice President – Hilary Sanborn
  • Secretary – Tina Wallman 
  • Treasurer – Jackie Anderson 
  • Upper School, Vice President – Nicole Kaufman 
  • Middle School, Vice President – Elizabeth Schnobrich 
  • Lower School Pre-K – 2nd Grade, Vice President – Anne Jewison
  • Lower School 3rd – 5th Grade, Vice President – Sadar Lingam 
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