New to the Upper School Schedule for 2022 -23 will be a Zero period to start the day.  Zero Period will take place at 8:20, with a warning bell at 8:15 for students to start moving to class.  It will be a mandatory attendance period for students.  There are many purposes for Zero period.  Highlighted below are a few key thoughts on “First Things” we hope to accomplish:

  • Attendance – establish a baseline attendance so we know all students are accounted for before they move into their courses
  • Extension of house – zero period will be done in house groups.  These single gender groups will provide an opportunity first thing in the morning to make sure students are in compliance with all guidelines related to uniform and grooming
  • Mentorship – house leaders will gain 50 minutes of time with their group to establish themselves as the mentor for those students and the first point of contact for students as questions arise
  • Morning announcements – zero period will provide a place to communicate with all students before classes begin any information they need for the day without taking class time 
  • Community – as an extension of house zero period will allow for valuable community time to help build our foundation of expectations and ways to be a part of the community at Providence
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