Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Camp is finally fully open for school trips.  Providence Academy has been sending our Middle school students on this weekend trip of outdoor activities and science classes for 14 years and we are excited to go back again.  This is a voluntary, 3 day trip that is open to any 6th -8th grade student who wants to experience the fun and camaraderie of learning about nature in the North Woods with their classmates.. This year’s trip will be on May 12-14th.  Students will leave from school  Friday morning on 2 coach buses for the 4 1/2 hour trip to Finland, MN and return on Sunday evening at about 5 pm.  Wolf Ridge ELC is located on a beautiful ridge overlooking Lake Superior and has over 2000 acres of woods, lakes, streams and trails for students to explore with their naturalist leaders. There are also fun activities such as a rope course, rock climbing, a canoe trip on Wolf Lake and star gazing through telescopes on the observation deck.  Classes such as geology, lake or stream study, small mammals and birds, run during the day.  Food is served in a dining hall and students will sleep in bunk beds in a dorm.  Most of each day is spent outside.  It is a memorable experience for both students and the parents and teachers who accompany them. The ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM needs to be completed as soon as possible  (ideally by Friday, 3/17) on a first come, first served basis,  in order to reserve buses and our space at camp.  More information about the camp itself, its Covid policies, and classes can be found at https://wolf-ridge.org/.  If you have questions about the trip itself or want to sign up to be a chaperone, please contact Mrs. Elise Sheehan, or  Mr. Kyle Rickbeil.  

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