We have been in conversation with our contact at WorldStrides regularly and we are still on schedule for a trip to Washington DC this spring. Your trip will take place at the same time as our regularly scheduled 8th grade trip, but it will be separate. It will be the same bus to the airport… the same flight…the same hotel, but with a separate bus and itinerary that WorldStrides will provide for us.
Registration for the trip is open up to Spring Break either by Navigating to the World Strides registration site, or by phone at 800-468-5899. For 9th/10th graders enter Trip ID number: 174200.
The most common questions we have been asked are about mask and vaccination mandates. Detailed and updated information can be found on Mr. Bissonette’s DC Webpage. Also, here is a link to the WorldStrides Travel With Confidence page that talks about how they are working with COVID and traveling.
Remember, we are still accepting sign ups until March 18,2022, the day before spring break… just in case you want to convince your friends to go! For more information regarding your specific trip see the 9th/10th grade trip info on Mr. Bissonette’s DC Webpage. If you have any questions about the trip, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Bissonette.

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