1. Requesting Letters of Recommendation from Teachers (for college applications) It is now time to request academic references from two teachers (in core academic subjects) that will be submitted in support of your college applications next school year. The following is a summary of our recommendation request process:
  • Ask teachers in person to agree to write your letter of recommendation.
  • When the teacher agrees, begin working on writing your responses to the Teacher Recommendation Request Form (you may stop by the College Center for printed copies)
  • Once finished filling out the Request Form, have your teacher(s) add their signature to the form and promptly bring the form to your College Counselor to confirm your request.  The deadline for completing the recommendation request process is Friday, May 31.
  • Note that teachers will have the summer and first few weeks of next school year to craft their letters and upload them to Naviance by October 1, well in advance of the vast majority of college application deadlines.

If you have any questions about the request process or about identifying teachers to approach for your letters, please meet with your college counselor.

  1. College Bootcamp and June Essay Workshop Days This summer’s College Bootcamp will run from July 30 – August 2, 2024.   Bootcamp participants should plan to be busy from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on those days. Students unable to attend all days of Bootcamp must speak with their college counselor before registering for the program.  Bootcamp serves as a writing workshop to guide students towards the composition of compelling and distinctive college essays, but many other important topics are also extensively covered.  Other Bootcamp activities include interview preparation, a panel of Providence Academy alumni, plus candid feedback from admission professionals on essays, resumes, and interviews. 

Our June Essay Days are scheduled for Thursday, June 13 or Thursday, June 20.  These one-day workshops will provide students with the opportunity to explore essay topic ideas with the help of guided brainstorming exercises and one-on-one consultation with the college counselors. The June Essay Workshops are a great option for students interested in starting their writing process earlier in the summer and/or those who have a conflict with Bootcamp.You may register using the College Bootcamp Registration Form and June Essay Workshop Registration Form, which are due by the last day of school, June 7.

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