Beginning on Monday, April 11, we will once again welcome parents to join Kindergarten – 5th grade students for lunch in the Great Room. Extra seating is limited, and so we will need to take seating requests each day. Please email your child’s teacher between 7:30 and 8:30 am if you would like to join your child for lunch. Seating will be reserved in the order requests are received between 7:30 and 8:30 am, up to four adults per day.

You may purchase your own lunch from the grill, “grab and go”, salad bar, or the main lunch line. Lower School students are required to eat lunch from the main lunch line and are not eligible for items from other areas. Please do not purchase other items for a Lower School student or bring in lunch from an outside vendor (homemade lunch is fine). Your student may have up to two beverages, typically milk and a juice or water, at no additional charge. (This fee was paid at the beginning of the school year.)

Breakfast is still available, as well. Breakfast is not served past 8:15 am, so that students have enough time to eat and get to their classrooms. 

There is no payment accepted in the lunchroom. Your lunch will be charged to your student’s lunch account.

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