Earlier today, it was announced that we will have e-learning for the next two days as a result of the approaching snowstorm.  The following instructions were sent to all middle school students this afternoon to let them know what to expect:  

  • Please bring home all class materials you need for each of your classes so that you can be ready to get work done.
  • Your teachers will post work for your class on the class Moodle pages by 10:00 AM tomorrow, February 22.  All assignments and tasks to complete for the next two days will be posted tomorrow, and there will not be a separate post on Thursday.
  • Please check your email over the next two days, as teachers may have updates for your class sent through email.  If you have questions for your teachers, please email them.
  • There will be no full-class Google meets.  However, if you individually need to meet with any of your teachers, they can send out a Google meet invitation to you or offer appointment times. 
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