Middle School

Being literally and figuratively “in the middle” here at Providence Academy, our Middle School is a place for experiences and academics that enhance a love of learning.  Middle School is a time of transition from the foundation of our Lower School and a time of preparation for the move forward to Upper School.

Our middle school philosophy is based on our five guiding Core Virtues: Piety, Loyalty, Respect, Wonder, and Prudence.  Utilizing virtue in growth spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally offers a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to teaching young adolescents. The Middle School curriculum promotes students’ academic mastery and critical thinking while continuing to develop their creativity and curiosity.

The middle school journey at Providence Academy is one toward independence and self-reliance in anticipation of moving forward to the Upper School.


The Department of English at Providence Academy teaches great works of Western literature to help students pursue truth and thus improve as human beings.  These texts reveal that knowledge of enduring truth is a beneficial thing attainable by human minds and that virtuous actions make greater individuals and build better societies.  We require students to discuss these works, grapple with perennial ideas, and engage in the conversation of mankind.  We require that students learn the skills of proper grammar, written, and oral expression necessary for them to succeed in this conversation.

Departmental Mission Statement

Course Listing

  • English 6
  • English 7
  • English 8

Providence Academy’s Department of Fine Arts believes that the arts are integral to the formation of a complete person. Students therefore learn fundamental skills of each discipline in order to produce artistic creations, and gain an understanding and appreciation of the modern world.

Studio Art emphasizes sound drawing techniques in order to develop ideas in all areas of the visual arts. Students apply the principles of art to a variety of projects in an environment where tradition enlightens creativity.

Theatre and production courses analyze the history and theory of performance while developing basic skills in design and technical aspects of theatre. Students present their knowledge and skill through various theatrical presentations.

Music courses teach historical, theoretical, and emotional analysis through performances.  Students are encouraged to become comprehensive musicians using these multiple angles.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Required Courses

  • CKC Art 6
  • CKC Art 7
  • CKC Art 8

Full-Year Electives

  • MS Chorus and Speech/Drama
  • MS Concert Band
  • MS String Ensemble – Harmonium
  • Music Appreciation/2D Art

The Department of History regards as its highest objective student understanding of the major economic, political, social and cultural movements that have shaped Western Civilization from the Neolithic Revolution to our current age.  While in pursuit of this objective students will acquire the necessary skills to flourish at the highest collegiate levels and to become more knowledgeable about the civilization of which they are the beneficiaries.  The aforementioned skills include critical reasoning, concise and cogent writing, analysis of cause and effect, as well as the moral framework through which to filter and thereby assess the choices made by men and women in the past, and to weigh the consequences of those choices.  Augmenting the mission of Providence Academy, this skill set will include appreciation for the Christian values that ennoble the best of our western heritage.  Mastered competence in both the content and skills utilized by historians will result in culturally literate citizens who are equipped to meet the challenges of an evermore complex world marked by dynamic and perplexing change.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Course Listing

  • History 6
  • History 7
  • History 8

Mathematics establishes a dynamic intellectual foundation for all forms of organized knowledge modeling physical reality and providing logical patterns for inquiry. Realizing this, the mathematics department of Providence Academy requires mastery of skills using a combination of drill and practice methods and innovative activities that emphasize conceptual understanding, problem solving, and analytical thinking skills. Precise and meaningful mathematical communication, both oral and written is vital in all of our courses. The program’s college-preparatory curriculum is rigorous and intellectually challenging for students. It consists of separate courses in algebra, geometry/trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Course Listing

  • Investigations in Math I
  • Investigations in Math II
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Honors Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra I – Honors
  • Algebra II
  • Algebra II – Honors

Physical Education is an integral part of the educational experience for all students at Providence Academy. The PK-12th grade program promotes lifetime activity through the development of skills in a variety of physical activities. Students also learn foundational values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty, and integrity that they can carry with them for a lifetime of enjoyment in recreational and competitive sports.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Required Courses

  • Physical Education 6
  • Physical Education 7
  • Physical Education 8
  • Health – 7

Full-Year Electives

  • Athletics

The foundation on which the department is built and its animating principle is the Word of God expressed in Scripture and Tradition and infallibly taught by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Faith — understood both as the revealed truth to be believed and as the infused virtue by which this truth lives in persons — is the heart of the Religion program.  With the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Church Fathers and Doctors as its principal sources, the department combines theology with catechesis in an attempt to engage and evangelize students.

“It is necessary…that religious instruction in schools appear as a scholastic discipline with the same systematic demands and the same rigor as other disciplines. It must present the Christian message and the Christian event with the same seriousness and the same depth with which other disciplines present their knowledge. It should not be an accessory alongside of these disciplines, but rather it should engage in a necessary inter-disciplinary dialogue.” (General Directory on Catechesis, n.73§5)

-Departmental Mission Statement

 Course Listing

  • Religion 6
  • Religion 7
  • Religion 8

The Department of Science at Providence Academy is dedicated to providing students a comprehensive understanding of science and technology, and their general progress, in order to appreciate the beauty of God’s created world, make sound moral decisions and succeed in post secondary education.  Students follow the Core Knowledge Curriculum through eighth grade, then take three required years of science, including chemistry, biology, and physics.  Advanced courses will be offered as electives for students who wish to further their study of science.  Students will use and analyze the scientific process, applying math, writing, laboratory, and presentation skills, as well as participate in discussions of current moral issues.  These activities will help students to become aware of the interrelatedness of God, science, and the world around them.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Required Courses

  • Science 6
  • Science 7
  • Science 8

Partial-Year Electives

  • Industrial Arts
  • Wood Shop
  • FACS (Family and Consumer Science)

The Department of World Languages invites students to explore, appreciate, and communicate purposefully in French, Latin, and Spanish.  Our program promotes listening, understanding, reading, writing, and speaking.  We teach linguistic, cultural, historical, and geographic aspects of these languages, challenging students to grow in their faith, sense of global community, and service to others.

-Departmental Mission Statement

Course Listing

Grade 6 

  • Latin 6

Grade 7

  • Latin 7
  • Latin I

Grade 8

  • French I
  • Latin I
  • Latin II
  • Spanish II

Middle School eBulletin

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