Healthy Snacks

Getting kids to eat healthy snacks is not always easy.  Our kids are bombarded with many snack options every day, most of which are not healthy for their growing minds and bodies.   Helping our kids make good choices and establish healthy eating habits is essential in today’s fast food, highly processed, high sugar world. This list should help your family come up with quick and easy ideas for healthy snacks which are not only delicious and nutritious, but will help our children to do well in school, sports, activities, and also will support lifelong healthy food choices. Thank you for your assistance in helping our children to obtain healthy eating habits!


• sugar snap peas
• carrot sticks/ baby carrots
• cauliflower
• celery sticks
• broccoli
• cucumber
• peppers
(green, red, yellow, orange)
• snow peas
• fresh or dried edamame
• grape or cherry tomatoes
• fresh green beans

Vegetables can be served with dip, salad dressing, hummus, or bean dip.


• whole grain crackers
(triscuits, goldfish, wheat thins, etc.)
• pretzels
• pita chips
• pita bread triangles
• natural popcorn
• dry whole grain cereals
(cheerios, mini wheats, grape nuts, raisin bran, wheaties, , etc.)
• rice cakes
• graham crackers
• mini bagels & cream cheese
• whole grain bread slices
• baked tortilla chips
(with salsa or bean dip)
• low sugar granola bars
• small whole grain muffins


• bananas
• apple slices
• grapes
• clementines
• berries
(blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.)
• cherries
• cranberries
• raisins
• applesauce
• melon
• pineapple
• dried fruit chips
• 100% fruit strips

Please do not send fruit cups for the younger grades

Dairy Foods

• cheese cubes or slices
• low sugar yogurt
• string cheese
• cottage cheese

Other Snack Ideas

• granola & yogurt parfaits
• beef sticks
• whole grain fig newtons
• fruit and cheese kabobs
• mini sandwiches

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