College Counseling Programs

College Counseling Programs

Providence can be defined as “God’s plan by which he guides his creation towards its perfection.” As a college preparatory institution, the route for our students to continue to develop their gifts is through post-secondary education, discerning what is worth pursuing along the way, and sharing their gifts and talents with the broader community. We also aim to help our students prepare for virtuous living in the next phase of their lives. Our college counseling program is designed to guide students and families through the college search and selection process, especially to help inspire and accompany students on the journey towards the perfection God desires for them during this important phase of their development. We strive to orient our students to ‘becoming’ rather than simply ‘achieving’ to position them to get the most out of their collegiate experiences and be ready for authentic success in their lives beyond high school and college.

Annual College Planning Nights

During each academic year, Providence Academy offers college planning nights and parent information programs for each grade level (including Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12).  The college counseling staff, as well as visiting college admissions and financial aid professionals, share with the PA community timely information about the college planning process tailored for students’ current stage in the Upper School.

Spring College Day

Providence Academy hosts a daytime college planning event every April that includes representation from 110+ post-secondary institutions.  Admissions professionals offer presentations on various college-related topics and all students in Grades 9-11 participate in the college fair.

Fall College Visits at PA

PA typically hosts about 100 college visits each year between mid-September and early November.  Students can meet with college representatives before school, after school, or during elective periods.  Students in Grades 11 and 12 are eligible to participate in college visits.

Summer College Application “Bootcamp”

Rising seniors are invited to participate in our annual “Bootcamp,” a four-day college application planning program held in late July/early August.  The “Bootcamp” includes sessions on writing the college essay, admissions interview preparation, Naviance Student and Common Application training, a PA alumni panel, and interaction with visiting admissions professionals that includes mock interviews, essay draft feedback, and resume review.

Annual Topical Programming

The college counselors offer both daytime and evening programs throughout the year to address important college-related topics such as financial aid and scholarships, college entrance exams and test preparation, the college search, visiting colleges, and summer programs.  A college financial aid professional joins us for our annual Financial Aid Information Night typically held in late November.

Annual In-class Workshops and Seminars

The college counseling staff visit classes throughout the academic year to conduct workshops with all grade levels and share important information with students regarding the college program.  Special emphasis is placed on preparing all students, particularly those in the early stages of Upper School, for the College Day program each April.

College Entrance Exam Preparation

Students gain exposure to preliminary versions of the college entrance exams with the PSAT in Grades 10 and 11. Through our partnership with the test preparation organization, Breakaway Test Prep, PA offers a free practice ACT for sophomores in the spring and juniors in the fall, with presentations on test preparation, and access to on site test prep course offerings (with fee assistance for qualified students). As a service to both our own students and the wider community, PA serves as an administration site for the ACT four times each year.

Individual Appointments

Recognizing that every student’s college search can unfold at a different pace, students are assigned a college counselor at the conclusion of Grade 9. Individual appointments with students begin as early as the summer prior to Grade 10 and start officially in the winter of Grade 11 and continue throughout Grade 12.

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