As we begin Semester II, Upper School Dean of Students Mr. Josh Blonksi will meet with all US students this week to engage in conversation about student attendance expectations at PA.

Attendance is a core value of our school and our handbook reflects this belief stating that “Consistent attendance at Providence Academy is an essential part of a student’s academic obligation and good standing in the community. Students who miss class cannot make up that shared classroom experience.” Please keep this in mind when planning future appointments, vacations, or college visits.

Each student is allowed up to eight excused absences per class each semester. If a student’s attendance is in excess of eight absences, they are subject to our Parent/Student Handbook’s “9/12 Rule” which stated on page 76. As a school, we can help to provide support for students who have unavoidable absences, as they arise. We value all communication regarding student absences. If you have further attendance questions, please contact Mr. Blonksi.

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