Dear Upper School Providence Academy Families,

In response to the increasing difficulty students have had in procuring the books advertised on course
syllabi, the Department of English Literature is expanding PA’s Middle School Literature model for all
Upper School English Literature courses. In short, Providence will purchase all English Literature books
needed for the year’s course from Barnes and Noble … and present them to students at a substantial
discount (35%!) to be charged to student accounts payable in the Spring.

This new process started with the distribution of summer reading books which were handed out to
students in current grades 8-11 the first week in June. This ensured optimal delivery success. All other
titles will be distributed to students entering grades 9-12 periodically throughout the 2023-2024 school
year. The Middle School book ordering process will remain the same … with Middle School families
purchasing their own Summer Reading book(s) and the 2023-2024 Literature Books being provided as
usual … with the newly discounted cost.

Instructors simply ask students and families to honor this new approach by not requesting exemptions on
the basis of older siblings having held on to their own copies. Since pagination shifts with each new
published edition, using older copies makes citing pages for discussions, quests, and tests unnece ssarily
burdensome on younger siblings. More importantly, brand new copies clean of early annotation ensures
academic integrity going forward. In sum, a clean Literary copy is critical.

We look forward to starting this next chapter with you.

On behalf of the Department of English Literature, it is an honor to continue to serve your children ,

Mr. Adam C. Schmalzbauer
Providence Academy Chairman of the Department of English Literature

P.S. Please direct any questions to: adam.schmalzbauer

You can find the Reading List at by Clicking Here

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