At semester’s end, Igancio Rodriguez, aka Nacho, departed PA to return home to the Aquinas American School  of Madrid.  What a blessing he has been to our PA community!  Thank you for your continued support of our school partnership and specifically this year with Nacho.  Because of this amazing community,  he has successfully navigated his classes, friendships, American family life and the soccer field!  Sophomore, Ronan Donahue accompanied Nacho back to Spain and will spend the spring semester at AAS.  He will represent us well and will certainly be missed!  

Through our schools’ partnership, we have created an exchange program where we receive students from Madrid for the first semester of their sophomore year and in turn our sophomore students have the opportunity to spend the second semester in Madrid at AAS.  This exchange develops the student’s language abilities and cultural awareness through total immersion into the school community and family life.   There is also an opportunity for competitive soccer training.  Soccer program information.

Please contact Mrs. Annie Heitzmann for further information.  Gracias!

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