Attached is the required reading list for any and all Providence Academy students entering grades 6-12 next autumn (2017-2018).

An Important Message from the Chairman of the English Department Mr. Adam Schmalzbauer:

Over the summer, Upper School students are required to pick up and read a copy of the summer reading text corresponding to their grade next autumn. Students enrolled in Honors are asked to study the Summer Honors text, as well as read the regular summer book, in preparation for autumn classes.  Please purchase the specific paperback or hardcover editions listed on the attachment, noting that ebooks are NOT permissible substitutes.

Keep in mind that these texts have been carefully selected for each course. As the first experiences in their respective courses, these books are consciously representative of the courses into which they will initiate you. In other words, each selection will introduce key themes, motifs, rhetorical styles, etc., which will then be referenced explicitly and implicitly throughout the course. This inevitably means the better one understands the book, the better prepared the student will be for the course to follow. In addition to introducing key themes, etc., you will be asked to engage in a variety of evaluations (discussions, quizzes, compositions, etc.) upon your return to class in the fall as a way to introduce the course and gage comprehension of the Summer Reading Text.

Middle School students are invited to choose at least one of the five summer selections to read. The book chosen to be read will also serve as an introduction to the teacher of the student, insofar as the student has freely chosen to read this specific text, rather than the other four. Any student is welcomed and encouraged to read as many as five selections if he/she desires to do so.

While this summer reading requirement does serve as a remedy to keep this integral academic skill of reading fresh, all works have been selected so as to be digested rather than simply tasted. For example, rather than have the entering juniors read the entirety of Homer’s Odyssey, something they are quite capable of, we have selected just over half of the work (books 1-13) for them to focus on. This way students can read, contemplate, reread, etc. in preparation for the beginning of the course.

Mr. Adam C. Schmalzbauer

Please direct any and all questions to me via email at

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