Thank you to all who attended the PAPA Open Meeting on April 26th – it was great to connect with new families at Providence as well as see familiar faces!  The two main purposes of our annual open meeting are soliciting nominations for the PAPA positions and discussing other opportunities for parents to get involved at the school. 

Nominations for the open positions were collected through our online process and the current committee selected the following new members to serve on PAPA for a 2-year term:

President:  Debbie Larson will step into the President’s role after serving as the Vice President for the last two years.

Vice President:  Dani Johansen will step into the Vice President’s role after serving as a Lower School VP, Grades 3-5 for the last two years.

Middle School, Vice President:  Ginger Anzalone will join the Executive Committee as the liaison for the Middle School.  Ginger has been instrumental in the success of the in-school hybrid serving as an almost permanent proctor as well as stepping up to volunteer wherever there is a need in the school. 

Lower School, Vice President, Grades 3-5:  Hilary Sandberg will join the Executive Committee.  As a new family to the school this year, Hilary jumped right in and served as Room Parent for several of her kids’ classrooms this last school year. 

I would like to personally thank all those parents who put their name forward to serve on the Executive Committee – it was great to see so many parents interested in serving the school.  We have reached out to everyone who expressed interest.  There is no shortage of leadership opportunities in serving our beloved school – from the Fun Fair, Gala, New Parent Connections, Health Screenings or the multitude of other opportunities.  We appreciate all parents who step up to play a leadership role as well as those that fill in all the gaps where needed to support our faculty, staff and kids at Providence Academy through the events hosted by PAPA throughout the year. 

Diane Beauchamp
President, PAPA

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