Providence Academy’s Board of Directors held its August meeting last Friday, during which it welcomed three new members and honored four members completing years of distinguished service.

Robert Buehler, Katherine Kersten, and Michael Maglich, completing their terms, served during years that saw their own children graduate, and beyond.  Much in the way of wisdom, counsel, policy, tradition, recruiting, and spirit at PA has been marked by their beautiful dedication.  We, and I personally, am indebted to them beyond recounting.  

The fourth member to complete service is Craig Nelson.  Mr. Nelson was a founding member of the Board, a former independent school headmaster who provided administrative and governance wisdom throughout PA’s first generation.  He was an indispensable mentor and inspiration to me personally.  

These “Board Members Emeriti” are at the heart of the PA community and its growing legacy.

Newly appointed to the Board are:

  • Mr. Pat Alexander, grandfather of four PA students, is CEO of Coldspring
  • Mr. David Frey, a member of Providence Academy’s first graduating class (‘05) and now father of a PA student, is Chief Manager of Renovo Capital, LLC
  • Mrs. Amy Hoeft, mother of three PA students, is an attorney at law. 

To all Board members, outgoing and new, we say thank you for stewarding Providence Academy year to year, and into a great future!

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