Martin Luther King Day this year came just before today’s annual Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. It’s a coincidence with an important connection. King’s movement worked for the full vindication of the equal humanity of all, regardless of skin color. Now the Pro Life movement works for the vindication of the equal humanity of all persons, regardless of stage of development or dependency. Both movements knew that a shared fundamental humanity is the foundation of all moral law, and is the basis of human rights.

Many eighth graders today prayed at the Cathedral and joined with others at the State Capitol to raise awareness and hopes for life. Last Friday, Upper School students joined a quarter million mostly young people for the March for Life in Washington, DC. I was very moved to join them. Love, joy, and genuine peacefulness abounded in a diverse crowd. We did encounter an anti-Catholic bigot with big signs and a megaphone, and we told him “shame on you for sowing hatred in an event celebrating life and love.” One only wishes that the media had covered the real event—and its promise of progress in the next generation—rather than a faux news story meant to detract from this promise.

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