This summer’s College Application Workshop (a.k.a. “Bootcamp”) will run from August 2-5.   Bootcamp participants should plan to be busy from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on those days. Students unable to attend all days of Bootcamp must speak with their college counselor before registering for the program.  Bootcamp serves as a writing workshop to guide students towards the composition of compelling and distinctive college essays while also touching on several other important topics pertaining to the college application process.  These include interview preparation and Common Application guidance as well as panels of Providence Academy alumni and invited college admission professionals providing both insightful advice and valuable perspectives.

The June Essay Workshop is scheduled for Friday, June 18.  This one-day workshop will provide students with the opportunity to explore essay topic ideas with the help of guided brainstorming exercises and one-on-one consultation with the college counselors.  The June Essay Workshop can be a great option for students interested in starting their writing process earlier in the summer and/or those who have a conflict with Bootcamp.

The College Bootcamp and June Essay Days registration forms will be shared with all juniors in early May.

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