Summer Enrichment Programs are high quality academic experiences, typically hosted on college and university campuses, that put students into contact with motivated peers, allow them to meet and work with experts in a field or discipline of interest, or perhaps expose them to academic topics they are not able to pursue during the regular school year. Summer programs are not primarily a means to becoming a stronger college applicant, though they can have this effect. Pursued for the right reasons, summer programs can be a wonderful catalyst for personal growth, academic confidence, and clarity of intellectual direction heading into the final year(s) of high school. These traits may help students to prepare better college applications, but that is incidental compared to the longer-term benefits of understanding the college setting better, having a more confident sense of one’s interests (and avoiding costly academic “wrong turns” in college), and establishing the confidence to tackle new tasks or new situations energetically.

We encourage parents to take time in the next month to determine with your child if he or she is interested in and would benefit from an enrichment opportunity on a college campus. We have prepared a listing of notable summer programs to highlight programs that could be a good match for students with a range of academic or personal interests and that are offered at a reasonable cost. Check the eligibility requirements for specific programs. Some programs are open only to students who will be seniors in fall 2018. Others are open to students at all stages of high school.

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