Students in grades 3 – 5 will participate in standardized testing next week, with the exception of Wednesday, November 4 (Parent/Teacher Conferences day).

Each class will have its own unique testing schedule.The exam is composed of 5 – 7 separate test sections. Most Lower School classes will test for approximately 30 – 45 minutes at a time (one part) and take a break before the next section. No class will spend an entire morning, afternoon, or day taking the exam. The rest of each day is spent in regular curricular learning, including specialist classes.

Please check with your child’s teacher before scheduling appointments, if possible.

Students who are absent during any of the test days will have time to make up the missed exams the following week. Students learning via Simul-Classroom or absent from school for more than half of the testing times this year will be exempt from the test.

Providence Academy utilizes the ERB-CTP5 exam, which is considered to be one of the most rigorous standardized tests available. Students taking the ERB are tested on both basic skills and higher level thinking skills. We believe that this provides our students with beneficial experience in taking a challenging exam. Additionally, test reports provide detailed information about student performance, both individually and as a group, which gives us the data we need to refine our teaching plans.

Please be assured that no special preparation is necessary for your child to participate in the testing. Our curriculum prepares our students well for these tests, and we simply want them to relax and do their best.

• Please help your child to get a full night’s rest and a good breakfast to prepare themselves for each testing day.
• No calculators are permitted on any portion of the CTP5.

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