Individual college counseling meetings will continue through early April with the third round of meetings starting toward the end of April.  Parents are invited to attend the second and third round meetings and should discuss with your student whether you will do so. If you and/or your student would find it easier to meet during Spring Break, contact Mrs. Peterson to inquire about counselor availability.

Juniors, remember to make a plan for College Day by consulting the attached list of participating colleges or by using the college search tool in Naviance Student. You can do a search based on just the colleges attending College Day by visiting the Advanced College Search page in Naviance Student (find this by clicking on “Colleges” in the upper right portion of the home screen and then clicking on “Colleges Home”).  You first need to select the Groups menu and select “College Day 2019” before entering other criteria that are important to you. This ensures that your results are restricted to those colleges which will be in attendance on April 10.

Parents, in the coming months you can help your PA junior prepare for the college process in the following ways:

  • NEW! Look for an email from YouScience to your GOPA account, and, if possible, complete your profile/inventory between Spring Break and College Day. We recommend you complete this task in more than one sitting, since the estimated time invested to complete the program is 1.5 hours. If you are unable to complete this task before College Day, we recommend that you complete your YouScience profile/inventory prior to your next college counseling meeting so that we may review the results with you. Additional information on YouScience is included in the links below. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Hogan.
  • Ensure that your student is signed up for the SAT or ACT and is thinking about whether to take an SAT Subject Test this spring (this will come up in individual meetings).  
  • Start using Naviance Student or a search engine such as Big Future with your student to investigate different colleges. The counselors will be using the “Colleges I am thinking about” list during all individual meetings this spring. 
  • Give some thought to visiting college campuses during upcoming breaks or long weekends. Scheduling visits to local campuses on a day off from school can be an excellent way to determine which type of campuses further from home may merit a visit. 
  • Analyze your finances and use a net price calculator (available on every institution’s financial aid website) to help determine what your family can afford to spend on educational expenses, as well as how much need-based assistance may be available.  Start to bring your student into this important discussion, as it is important to be on the same page. Do not rule out reasonable levels of borrowing under the favorable terms of federal loans as part of the overall picture. 
  • Complete the Junior Parent Survey in Naviance Student.  We would like to have all the information and insights we can in order to advise your students well! Please contact Sally Peterson if you are experiencing difficulty logging into Naviance Student. 

We encourage all juniors to take a look at the Summer Enrichment Program information included in the e-Bulletin. See your student’s college counselor with questions.

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