The LS SimulClassroom process and experience is a bit different from that of the Middle and Upper divisions because of the different nature of the elementary classroom.

Please be aware that parents must seek authorization from Mrs. Galgano before LS students join their class online. Teachers are not able to authorize use. The process goes as follows:

  1. Parents email Mrs. Galgano to request SimulClassroom access
  2. Once authorized, the teacher is notified that there will be a student joining via simulcast.
  3. The teacher will contact the parent with three items of information:
    • The time that the student may join the class, which may not be immediate. This is because the teacher has to prepare and may not have a prep period for a while that day.
    • The class schedule for the day, which varies day-to-day in lower school classes. Times for lessons are approximate.
    • The plan for picking up materials at the end of the first day. (On the first day, students may have to listen and observe without the specific materials that pertain to each lesson.)

It is highly recommended that parents read LS SimulClassroom Information and Guidelines before the need for use of SimulClassroom arises.

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