Thank you to those parents who attended Senior Parent College Night last Wednesday evening. For those unable to attend Wednesday night’s program, please review the following action items sent via email at the end of last week:

  1. Link to the Presentation (via Prezi)
  2. Complete the Senior Parent Survey using your parent login to access the survey through the Naviance Portal:  Once logged in, click on About Me, then “Surveys From Your School”.  While each parent with a Naviance account can complete a survey, we only require that one parent survey per student be submitted.
  3. Register for the Oct. 8 Fall College Essay Workshop (for members of the Class of 2023 only)
  4. Make sure your senior has booked their required senior check-in appt. (and has reviewed this important checklist prior to the meeting) with their college counselor in the month of September (or early October). Link to Schedule a Meeting with Mrs. Hogan or Schedule a Meeting with Mr. Wolf
  5. Encourage your student to submit the “Transcript Request Form” (given to all seniors in English classes this week) no later than 2 weeks before their first deadline so that we may send their supporting documents (i.e. transcript, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Regarding the submission of supporting documents for seniors’ applications to post-secondary institutions, we referred to Providence Academy’s Profile for Colleges, which is sent with every PA transcript issued to colleges.  This document is written specifically for college admissionstaff in order to help them interpret our student’s performance in light of PA’s distinctive academic context. The 2022-2023 PA School Profile for Colleges is linked on the PA website.

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