his year’s Gala will include a silent auction (available both online and at the event) as well as a live auction that will take place during the gala. We are still seeking items to include in the auction – your donation could contribute tremendously to the success of our Gala! If you own a vacation home, season tickets, have access to unique experiences, or have a service/ item you’d like to donate please submit your donation request here.

We are also seeking wine and whiskey donations for our Wine & Whiskey Wall. The game is simple and fun -pull a cork and take home a premium bottle of wine or whiskey (but to “pull” this off, we need your favorite bottle to be donated)! Please contact Jillian Twaddle at with details of what you plan to contribute. The value of the wine/spirit is tax deductible. 

It’s not too late to become a Gala sponsor. Sponsorships range from the Diamond to Bronze level, and your family or company could become a premier sponsor partner for our 20th annual gala. Become a Gala sponsor by submitting this form, or to learn more contact Josh Anderson, Manager of Annual Giving, at (763) 258-2531 or by email or PA Gala Chair, Mrs. Jillian Twaddle, at (919) 830-7823 or by email.

Finally, we are seeking gift cards to local restaurants, community retail, and services for our mystery gift card box game. This is a wonderful way to help our community during these times. Please consider picking up a gift card or two the next time you are out and sending it in an envelope with your child – ATTN: Mrs. Kelly Roles – GALA Mystery Box GF. 

Items that you donate can be delivered to the Administration Office, or arranged for drop off to our gala chair, Jillian Twaddle. All cash and gift cards should be delivered to Mrs. Kelly Roles in the Administration Office. Our deepest thanks for your part in helping make the gala a success!

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