You may have heard about the “National School Walkout” organized by the Women’s March for this Wednesday, March 14, at 10:00 a.m. The group is calling on school students to leave their classrooms and their school buildings as a form of protest and public policy advocacy.

Providence Academy rejects calls from any outside organization for students (or anybody else) to disrupt the expectations of Providence Academy’s schedule. PA alone determines its schedules and expectations. Regardless of political or ideological bent, there could be no end of organizations with public policy perspectives that could similarly advocate school disruptions.

At PA, interested juniors and seniors, Dean Joshua Blonski, and I will be holding a session of the new Symposium Club after school this Wednesday on the question of keeping schools and students safe from violence. “Talk, don’t walk” is the idea. It’s about challenging and informing opinions, and the exchange of ideas. We call it education. Very “Providence-y.”

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