Can you believe that the 2022 – 2023 school year is quickly coming to a close? It is so bittersweet. It is great to look back and reflect on the school year events sponsored by our Providence Academy Parent Association (PAPA). PAPA has many opportunities to provide service and support throughout the school year. This year, PAPA hosted the following events:

·         Meals for faculty during the fall and spring conferences

·         A Christmas breakfast and delivered the Christmas gifts to faculty and staff.

·         Several appreciation experiences to our faculty and staff including the specialty coffee maker in the faculty lounge. Our faculty and staff really enjoyed the lattes and cappuccinos throughout the year.

·         Our first Parent Date Night was planned by a few of our dads. The evening consisted of a social hour, dinner and a speaker. Thank you to the creative dads who put this together!

PAPA planned a variety of Lower School events for students and families including:

·         The New Parent Orientation

·         Homecoming Ice Cream Social

·         Fall Fun Fair

·         Sock Hop

·         Family Service Project

·         End-of-Year Picnic

 Lower School Classroom Representatives with the support of Lower School Vice Presidents assisted the teachers in planning class events, soliciting volunteers for class specific needs, and managing grade-level budgets.

 In the Middle School, PAPA planned the following event for Middle School students:

·         AIM in August to welcome new middle school students

·         Fall & Spring Middle School party at the school

·         Catholic Schools Week celebration with root beer floats.

·         A community service project

 In May, many of our Middle School students made the annual trek during Mother’s Day weekend to Wolfe Ridge. This year we were blessed with nice weather.  

 PAPA supported the Upper School this year through many events. 

·         Kick-off donuts for 1st week of school for all US students was a hit!

·         Treats were provided as a pop-up surprise during Homecoming week. 

·         Upper School faculty, staff and administration received our gratitude with a gift card tree that each faculty member could select a treat.

·         In preparations for fall finals, Upper School students were each given a goody bag prior to finals to help them with “burning the Midnight Oil” followed by a pop-up treat table to kick off their finals and cheer on their success. 

·         In the winter Upper School students received hot cocoa for sledding then bagels or donuts for spring kick-off. 

·         PAPA provided the raffle gifts for the students’ winter casino night.

·         Treats during senior finals and grades 9-11 finals showed our love and support.  For the seniors, PAPA sponsored a Jimmy John’s lunch and a root beer float when they finished their last final.

 As far as fundraising goes, PAPA hosted three events:  Used Uniform Sales, Fall Fun Fair and Gala. Two uniform sales were organized– one in August and another “flash sale” in January. We raised $8,000 between those two sales. In November, we raised over $9,000 at our Fall Fun Fair. That must be a record! Speaking of records, we had another successful Gala “A Royal Ball” at the end of April. During this regal affair, we raised over $500,000. Not only did these amazing events help us to fundraise, but they also provided us with memorable community building experiences. A very special thank you to the amazing leaders and volunteers who delivered these events and raised money for our beloved school.

 Since PAPA includes our entire parent community, the PAPA Board would like to recognize and thank YOU for your support and gifts of talent and time. The investments that you have made into our students, faculty, and staff is priceless!

 Last, and with much excitement – we would like to announce the 2023 – 2024 Executive PAPA Board:

 President: Ginger Anzalone
Vice President: Hilary Sanborn
Treasurer: Jackie Anderson
Secretary: Tina Wallman
Upper School VP: Nicole Kaufman
Middle School VP: Liz Schnobrich
Lower School 3 – 5 VP: Sadar Lingam
Lower School Pre-K – 2 VP: Anne Jewison

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