On behalf of the The Providence Academy Parent Association, I would like to thank all those that attended the Gala this year and made it a tremendous success. There are so many elements that made the evening a success. All the way from the delectable meal prepared by our own Chef Morris to the dance floor and piano bar and the wonderful generosity of many!

Kristi Piehl’s familiarity with our school and the 80’s era brought the evening’s theme alive and danced the whole night with 80’s music. Special thanks go out to Jillian Twaddle the Gala Chairperson, Jeannina Adams who was in charge of the silent auction and the team of Lori Wehmann and Stacey brown who spearheaded the decorations. Of course, we are extremely grateful for all the parents and staff that volunteered. Your participation in the auctions and fund-a-need will help our school in so many ways.

Finally, on the school’s side none of this would have happened without Dawn Shommer and her unending support. Thank you again to everyone that helped organize the event and the support through your attendance, even if you were there in spirit. The Gala is definitely a whole school effort and we could not have done it without you.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Helen Healy, PAPA President

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