This Thursday, we welcome prospective families to PA at our Open House, which will take place from 8:45 to 10:00 a.m. Help us connect with more families like you who believe in the Providence experience by telling your friends about our upcoming Admissions event, or participate in our new “Refer a Friend” program. As we shared last week, PA and PAPA are partnering in this new initiative to help you help us get the word out—especially now that all the benefits of PA are becoming available at a more attainable price.

PA will offer a choice of one piece of any item in our spirit store to the five families who refer the most new names for our outreach by Friday, March 16.  

It’s simple. Click here to enter the name and address of a family you think should learn more about PA. We will mail this family our beautiful new brochure, “Always a Higher Purpose—Now a Better Value.” We will not call or email them, unless they respond to our initial outreach, nor will we identify you as a referrer; Providence will write to them in its own name. (Certainly, after they receive our information, we’d be delighted if you followed up with them.)

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