Face Coverings
Face coverings are optional for all students, faculty, staff, and guests at Providence Academy and on its grounds.  Face-covering expectations may differ for bus riders and drivers, students and coaches in MSHSL competitions, and PA attendees at “away” events, as these are governed by other authorities. 

Providence Academy does not require COVID-19 vaccinations.  Adults at PA make determinations regarding vaccinations for themselves and their families.

Sanitation Protocols

  • Providence Academy will maintain all HVAC upgrades and procedures introduced last year: MERV-13 filtration, increased airflow from outside, UV lamps with ionization technologies in all air systems, and overnight “building flushes” to begin each day with fully purified, filtered, and disinfected air. 
  • Students will be seated three feet or more apart in classrooms. 
  • Lunchroom seating arrangements will generally provide three feet of distance between persons.
  • In situations other than those specified above, social distancing will not be required.
  • Hand sanitation stations will be accessible throughout school, and Providence encourages thorough hand washing.
  • Surface sanitizing sprays or wipes will be available in all classrooms.

Lab-Confirmed Cases of Covid, and Quarantining

  • Students, faculty, and staff with lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 will quarantine/isolate at home.  If they are symptomatic, they must stay home for at least 10 days from the time the symptoms started, and until symptoms have improved, and they have had no fever for 24 hours without using fever-reducing medications.  If they are asymptomatic, they should stay home for 10 days, counting from the day they were tested.
  • When a lab-confirmed case of  Covid occurs in a Lower School classroom, where students are present together throughout the day, Providence will notify families of students in that classroom via email.  
  • Providence will provide a new version of its “Covid Dashboard” webpage, which will be routinely updated to provide current information about lab-confirmed numbers of cases throughout the school.
  • Providence Academy will not conduct contact tracing, unless it determines that circumstances necessitate it. 
  • Providence will not mandate quarantining of students who may have associated with a Covid-positive person.  Quarantining will be optional, with SimulClassroom arrangements available, for families who wish to take additional precautions.
  • When a non-PA-student member of a household has a lab-confirmed case of Covid,  we ask that families follow whatever MDH recommendations are current for quarantining family members.

General Sickness
As always, Providence community members should stay home or go home if they have fevers of 100.4 degrees or higher, or manifest significant symptoms of illness. All parents are asked to do daily health checks with students before sending them to school. If students are sick, they should be kept at home. Students may return to school once fevers have abated for at least 24 hours without fever-reducing medications, symptoms have significantly improved, and they feel well enough to come back.

These policies are subject to revision, by governmental mandates or through PA’s own assessment of emerging health and safety concerns for our community.

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