The preparations are well underway for Providence Academy’s 20th Anniversary Commemoration!

Make sure to RSVP for our family day, this Saturday, August 14th, to join current and former students, alumni, staff, faculty, and families for a PA Family Picnic offering an array of Hawaiian-themed options specially prepared by our very own Chef Morris and renowned Chef Chris Murray with locally sourced meat and produce from Threshing Table Family Farm and Untiedt’s Vegetable Farm. We will have a pig roast, including authentic Samoan BBQ with chilled pacific rim slaw (a.k.a. Hawaiian street tacos), fresh Hawaiian chalupa breads, chicken Kal-bi on the sword/skewer, Oahu waffle dogs (Hawaiian style corn dogs), skewered grilled pineapple/peppers, Hawaiian fried rice with cherries, and Chef Morris’s signature burgers).

Can’t make it to the celebration?  We will be live streaming the 20th Anniversary Kick Off at 12:00 pm on Saturday!

We can’t wait to gather together for this momentous achievement with you and your family!  We will see you there!


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