Retreats, Events & Activities

NET Retreats, Events and Activities

Every year, students in the MS and US will leave campus for a day to partake in a retreat led by the NET Team. These take place in retreat centers from around the twin cities and are a great experience for students to focus on their relationship with the Lord admits their busy school lives.


Middle School Retreats

These vary from year to year with the NET team taking the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes on evangelistic retreats.

9th Grade- God the Father

The Freshmen retreat focuses on looking at the love of God the father and our identity as sons and daughters of God.

10th Grade- Jesus, the Son

The Sophomore retreat looks at the role of Jesus in our lives and how we can grow in our relationship with him and how he desires to be a part of everything we experience.

11th Grade- The Holy Spirit

The Junior retreat looks at how we can better hear the Holy Spirit in our daily lives and the role the Holy Spirit plays in our own individual walks of life.

12th Grade- Seniors Retreat

The Senior Retreat is an overnight experience the seniors can choose to attend as a whole class. Students will leave for two nights to spend as a Senior Class and to laugh, pray, and to look how the foundation they received here can help prepare them spiritually for life after graduation.

Events and Activities

Lifeline Masses

Every first Saturday of the Month, PA takes a group of students to the monthly Lifeline Masses at the NET Center in West Saint Paul, MN. One of our most popular ministry events has our students going to Mass with over 2000 other young people from around the Twin Cities, followed by a dynamic speaker and some time in Eucharistic Adoration.

Adoration with Praise and Worship

Every Friday at PA we have Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament all day long. In addition to weekly Adoration, many students love arriving before school on Friday and will spend some time singing contemporary Praise and Worship songs during adoration which is led by the NET Team.

NET Small Groups

Many students in the MS and US choose to be in a NET Small Group that meets weekly during the school day. Here students come not only to play games and have fun, but to be challenged to grow deeper in their relationship with the Lord.


Some Juniors and Seniors also choose to be a part of our NET CORE Team, where they meet weekly before school or on the weekends with the NET Team Members to discuss the importance of their prayer lives and how to keep the focus on God during the busy years of high school.

NET Discipleship

Often, students will ask to meet with the NET Team members either at the school or at a coffee shop to have more individualized conversation about a student’s walk with Christ. It is here that students will often bring their victories and struggles to the NET Team members, and the Netters will often pray with them and offer spiritual advice.

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