Net Host Families

NET Host Families

Our NET Team members are missionaries from all over the country (and sometimes world), during their time at PA they are in need of places to stay while they serve our community. Many families graciously take in NET Team Members into their house for two weeks at a time to share life with them and to provide a much needed service. Families often request to host the NET Team Members time and time again because it is such a positive experience and they love the impact it has on their students. If you are interested in hosting NET Team Members, please contact Net Ministry Coordinator Ms. Emma Crane for more information.


Frequently Asked Host Family Questions:

Q. What will their schedule be like?

A. The PA NET Team will arrive at your home for the evening of the first day in your scheduled block.  Because days and times will be different throughout the year, you will receive a phone call from the Team Leaders a week prior to the teams’ arrival to your home to discuss the logistics of their stay. (If you have not heard from the Team Leaders by a week before they arrive, please contact Ms. Crane.)

Most days, the team will be coming home between 8:00pm-10:00pm after doing ministry at and around the school, though they will be at your house from 1-2 evenings a week to spend with your family. These evenings are meant for your family and to ensure that the team has some time scheduled to be with you. This means your family is free to treat this in whatever fashion you like. Some cook a large meal and have a game or movie night planned (or some other activity), while others order a pizza or have a meal left in the fridge for the team to warm up while the family goes along their busy schedules. Please do not feel that you have to “entertain” them on these days, but know they are there if you want to spend some extended and intentional time with them. Once again, all other nights they will be at the school and will not be home until later in the evening.

Q. How often do we have to provide meals?

A. On an average week, this is what the meals would look like:

Breakfast– Netters will eat breakfast in your home or grab something quick on their way out the door. Cereal and/or bagels are perfectly fine.

Lunch– The Netters will be served lunch at school during the week and a bagged lunch for the weekends.

Dinner– On their “Host Family Evenings” it can be whatever dinner you would like to prepare for them. On other days, they will pack something from your home before they leave in the morning. (Sandwiches, pastas, soups, leftovers, take-out, or whatever you would like to provide…feel free to talk with the team when they arrive about what sort of things you have on hand).

Q. If we have only sons, can we only host NET men (or vice versa)?

A. While it is sometimes good if your son or daughter has connected with a NET Team Member of the same gender to have them stay at your house, there is no rule or requirement saying you have to host specifically men or women.

Q. What if I don't have an extra room for each team member? Can they share a bed and/or a bathroom?

A. A lot of times families are hesitant to host because they fear they don’t have enough space to host the team. Know that these missionaries are truly fine sharing a bed and a bathroom with one another. They are also fine sleeping on a couch, an air mattress, or in sleeping bags on the floor of a basement. Since they are always doing ministry and don’t spend much time to “hanging out” with one another, they tend to appreciate the times they are able to stay all together in one house (even if that means having less space and/or having to share a bed or the floor).  With the nature of this ministry, know that they are just as happy to be a bit crowded all together as they would with their own rooms separately.

Q. Do we have to provide transportation?

A. No, while sometimes it works to have a team member catch a ride into school with your students, they have two vehicles that they use for most of their transportation.

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