NET Ministries

NET Ministries

National Evangelization Teams (or NET) Ministries is a Catholic Young Adult Missionary program whose mission is to “Challenge young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the church.” Every year, NET Ministries sends eight young adult Catholic missionaries from around the country (and sometimes from around the world) to Providence Academy. These missionaries spend the year at PA with the sole purpose of helping students grow in their relationship with Jesus. These 18- to 25-year-old NET team members immerse themselves into the school community and attend classes with students, eating lunch with them in the Great Room, cheering them on at sporting events, and hanging out with them before and after school. They also run small groups and Bible studies for students during the school day as well as before and after school. They will also often meet one on one with students to help them in their individual walks with Christ as well as putting on retreats for every grade level from the MS and US.

Many families also choose to host the NET Team Members for up to 2 weeks in their houses and is a great way to bring these missionaries to have an even greater impact to their students.  Check out the Host Families page for more information on hosting NET team members.

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