Students who are new to PA and ALL 6th grade students will be here from 8:30 till noon. 

  • Students will need to be in uniform as this is also picture day. More details to order photos are forthcoming. 
  • Lunch will be provided, if your student has allergies, please feel free to bring in a bag lunch.
  • Once students arrive, they will meet Ms. Taylor in the front entrance to receive a nametag and an 8th grade friend will help them to their first class where they will be getting their schedules, locker assignments and a look at the morning ahead. This is a great time for students to bring in some locker items. Please keep in mind that since they are just getting their schedules Monday, it might be worth waiting to bring in binders and other items they want to color code till the first day of school. 

Returning 7th and 8th graders are able to drop in between 8:30 and 10:00. 

  • This is PICTURE DAY, therefore you will need to be in uniform. More details to order photos are forthcoming. 
  • Once you get your picture taken, you are then able to get your schedule and locker assignment. 
  • You may set up your locker and are free to leave when completed with this.
  • Locks are optional this year, if you would like a lock, please see Ms. Taylor.
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