Lower School families dropping off their children along the curb in the semi-circle area will have some help beginning this week. Parent volunteers will guide drivers to pull along the curb to the furthest drop off point in order to move the carpool line along. We hope that this will help everyone to get students to class and parents to their own destinations as efficiently as possible.

Parents who wish to park in the lot and walk their children to the school door are welcome to do so. This is not limited to the earlier grades; students of any grade in the LS may be accompanied to the door by parents. You may be assured that there are staff members at the door waiting to greet all LS students as they arrive and to walk PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students, as needed to their classrooms.

Thanks to all parents and drivers for your cooperation and diligence in our procedures. Your patience during arrival and dismissal times is greatly appreciated.

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