Relevant Radio® brings hope and healing to souls, needed now more than ever in these times of uncertainty. Our Catholic schools serve a similar purpose, supporting parents who strive to form their children in the light and beauty of our Catholic faith. You can support both with an exciting opportunity!

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, you can make a donation today to support the mission of Relevant Radio and have it matched for a Catholic school in the Twin Cities area. Your gift – 100% – is a contribution to Relevant Radio. The funds that are donated to the school you select are contributed by the matching gift benefactor, dollar-for-dollar. This matching gift of $300,000 will provide tuition assistance for participating Catholic schools, bringing hope to families facing financial strain during these challenging times.

This matching gift is normally made possible at the annual Christ Brings Hope Benefit Banquet. This year, the match is available through this special online donation opportunity! Make your gift today, as this matching gift is only available until May 31, 2020. What a gift we can give to struggling families. Thank you for your generosity!

A special note: We thank our Christ Brings Hope Banquet sponsors, now supporting the Virtual Award Banquet taking place April 24th starting at 6:30 pm CT. Tune in on 1330 AM, on the app, or online, and enjoy the livestream at More details coming soon!

With prayers and best wishes,

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