At this time, the basketball teams have collected over 500 pairs of shoes and they’d love to see that number grow! Thank you to all who have already donated! For those who wish to donate, the teams are collecting shoes until Friday, February 16. Simply bring your shoes to the bins, located behind the security desk near the Living Room area, outside the main gym by the athletic office, and in the US atrium). Any type of shoe, except rollerblades and ice skates, are acceptable if they are in new or gently worn condition. The girls and boys basketball teams and boosters are partnering with Funds2Org to provide the donated shoes to individuals in developing nations so they may start micro-businesses. The basketball players are collecting, bagging, and storing the donated shoes for pickup by Funds2Org. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Judy Anderson at or reach out to any member of the basketball boosters, the PA Lions Backcourt Club.

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