The college counselors will present to juniors, in late April, the action items that need to be completed before the student’s third round meeting and/or before the end of the school year.  The next round of college counseling meetings begins soon and will run through the end of the school year.  We have the flexibility to schedule this meeting during the first week of summer break, if this is necessary for parents to be able to attend.  Students will need to schedule their next meeting with their college counselor using the appropriate calendar link: 

Mrs. Hogan’s Appt. Calendar 
Mrs. Von Bank’s Appt. Calendar 

Students need to have the following three items completed prior to their next counseling meeting:

• A fully updated list in Naviance Student of the colleges under serious consideration.  This list should not include more than 15 colleges unless there is a lengthy list of college visits planned for this summer.
• An initial completed draft of a College Resume.
• A written “Summer Action Plan” that details all plans for the summer (including jobs, camps, vacations, volunteer work, etc.) and goals for college-related tasks to be completed over the summer.  We emphasize that students who make good use of their summer can still relax and pursue other goals and interests while also significantly alleviating the stress they will feel about the college process in their senior fall.

Finally, we will discuss two additional topics during our class session with juniors: 

• First, juniors will request Letters of Recommendation from two faculty members in core academic subjects no later than the end of May.  Students must submit their recommendation request survey (completed and signed by their chosen faculty members) to their College Counselor by May 31.
• Second, students should begin to brainstorm possible college essay topics, but it is still too early to begin writing essays.  Students should remain focused on strong academic performance until the end of the school year. 

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