Jump rope has been an important part of the lower school physical education curriculum since the beginning of Providence Academy.  As part of that, students have tried to earn entrance into the jump clubs (number of consecutive single jumps without a miss) and the Hall of Fame (being able to do five difficult stunts which change at each grade level) each year for the past sixteen years.  In the past, testing took place during PE classes during the month of April.  Despite distance learning, we wanted to continue this tradition, so students had the opportunity to test through witnesses and videos.  The following students are congratulated for earning entrance into the following clubs:

25 Jump Club – Kindergarten
A.J. Daniels
Ava Nathe

100 Jump Club – 2nd grade
Annie Lee
Oliver Haapoja
Maya Zachman

200 Jump Club – 4th grade
Riley LeMieux
Landon Niesen
Roman Hetland

250 Jump Club – 5th grade
Matty Schaffer

Hall of Fame Members – K – 5
Matty Schaffer (5th grade)
Riley LeMieux (4th grade)

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