We are so excited to welcome our NET Team on campus for the year! Now that our team is here, we need a few more families to host them this semester. If a two-week stay isn’t a possibility, consider hosting the NET Team for just one day on Monday, November 11. For this one-day need, the NET Team would need a place to meet during their supervisor visit that is not on campus. The team will have already had breakfast before they arrive and will have a bag lunch, so the family would simply provide dinner for a total of 10 people (eight NET Team Members and two Supervisors). In addition, they would need a place where the team can meet during the day, pray, and have frank conversations about the ministry in their own space.

If you have any questions about what it is like to host the NET Missionaries for two weeks, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on the PA Website.

If you are interested in hosting, please send your following responses to the questions below to PA’s NET Ministry Coordinator, Ms. Emma Crane.

1. Which dates would you like to host?
2. How many NET Team Members would you be interested in hosting?
3. Do you prefer to host men or women? (Or are you fine hosting either?)

Here are the remaining dates and hosting needs for this semester:

  • October 13-27 – Housing needed for 2-4 guys and 2-4 girls (This includes time over MEA weekend.)
  • December 1-13 – Housing needed for 2-4 guys

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